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Youth, Police & Community Initiative

Communities are exploding with tension around interactions between police and young people of color.  Media, politicians, police, parents, and educators are all participating in a public conversation about the complex relationship between communities and police.  

Our initiative helps teens help shape this national conversation!

We work with teens in the country's most highly policed communities to help them become peer legal rights educators, and to facilitate intimate conversations between youth and police in their neighborhoods.

We need your support to reach 500 teens in 10 communities around the country!

Your donation will support

  • Our ability to provide our training workshops for free in the most disadvantaged communities around the country;
  • The development of our video toolkit to showcase our incredible youth and to help schools around the country get their teens involved in this important conversation;  and 
  • Our youth-led community conversations, bringing together youth and police to share their experiences and perspectives about communities and youth/ police relationships;